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From the Buzzy Blog:

Spring is Here!! Send in Your Photos for Free Seeds!

If the idea of purchasing on our website for free seeds didn’t appeal to you, how about this. Send me your gardening photos and I’ll send you free seeds! If you have BUZZY products, that would be ideal. If you send me a photo of your Buzzy grow kit (or even plants in your garden that came from Buzzy seeds) I will include a 2nd packet of seeds!

This is for a limited time only. You can submit your photos by emailing me at Be sure to include your name and address so I can mail you seeds. Please note that your photos may be used on our blog or website.

I will accept photos for seeds until 5/1/09, so start now

here are some of my garden shots
I find wishing and hoping for the best works well for me!

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  1. HI :-)
    You won the Beamerzzz Teddy Bear from Teddy Bear Frenzy on my blog!!! Please let me know where you would like your prize sent ( sorry I couldn't find an email address with Google Friend connect or I would have emailed :-)
    Have a great day!